The “Cemevi Socio-Cultural Center National Architectural Project Competition” organized by the Karabağlar Municipality in the national scale, which can be described as a record in its own terms, ended with an award ceremony and colloquium.
The chairman of jury of the project competition which contains apart from sanctuary , soup kitchen , library , multi-purpose room , training rooms , cafe and social venues , was Arch. Associate Prof. Deniz Dokgöz. Members of the jury Arch. Prof. Hikmet Sivri Gökmen, Architect Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu, Civil Engineer Muzaffer Tunçağ and Architect Can Gündüz, consulting jury members Sociologist Prof. Özkan Yıldız, Architect Phd. Dürrin Süer, Phd. Gani Pekşen, Folklorist Assistant Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ersal, Architect and Karabağlar Deputy Mayor Hüseyin Hepşengünler, Deputy Jury members Architect Yelda Tuna and Civil Engineer Deniz Alkan, and rapporteurs Nil Yaprak, Seda İlhan and Yasemin Musal.
The project can be reviewed in more detail at    www.yegena.com    and    www.arkitera.com.