M. Baris Yegena,  Architect

He graduated from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Architecture in 1994 and worked at Alpar Architectural Company in 1994 – 2009. He has been continuing his career at Yegena since 2011.


Ozge Ozkul, Architect

She graduated from Trakya University Faculty of Architecture in 2009 and worked in the private sector in 2009 – 2012. She has been continuing her career at Yegena since 2012.

 We have been working in the area of architecture since 1985.
We acquired know-how and experience at strictly disciplined architecture and construction institutions since 1994 and started as a company in 2011.
Under the umbrella of an architectural design and project organization, we are working on projects of any kind that are open to renovation, and providing consultancy services. Beside, we do photography and modeling.
Mainly, it is the projects with extraordinary discourse which make us happy to be involved.